My order is too large and complex, who can help me process the order?

Please email or call Sam Singh at 1-888-667-7111 x3401 for assistance.


I need multiple colours for apparel items, how do I customize my order? If you require multiple colours for apparel items (shirts, jackets, vests), select “Multiple” in the dropdown lists. Make sure to add a note about specific colours and sizing in the "Misc. Order Notes” field on the checkout page. Sam Singh at 1-888-667-7111 x3401 will contact you to confirm your selection.


How do I add instructions for special orders, delivery details, or instructions for split orders?

If you need to provide instructions for your order, you can add a note in the “Misc. Order Notes” field on the checkout page.


How long do orders take?

Delivery typically takes 2-3 weeks depending on product availability.


Please Note: Orders can be requested sooner if required for a special event. Full Line will do their best to accommodate orders needed in-hand in less than 10 business days. Prior to placing your order, call or email Rocky Singh to confirm request.


Can I track my order?

All orders can be tracked once they are shipped. A shipping confirmation will be emailed to the purchaser with a tracking number.


How do I return/exchange a product?

Returns/exchanges will only be permitted on products with manufacturer’s defects. Please send an email to to arrange for the return/exchange.

No other returns will be permitted so please closely review the size charts prior to ordering, when applicable.


I was saving up points for an item and now it’s gone from the website or at a different point value. Why?

Flynn and our supplier Full Line have done our best to put current retail items on the website. The drawback is that retail items sell out or become discontinued. When this happens, some items will be removed from the website altogether while others will be updated with newer models, sometimes at a higher or different point value.

If an item you order is no longer available after you place the order, or only available in a different model, you will be notified in your order confirmation and a substitute of equal of greater value will be offered, if available.



I’ve received a new credit card, how do I change my payment details?

To avoid delaying your order, contact Rocky Singh at 1-888-667-7111 x3416 to change your billing information.


If I want to purchase items with my own money, how do I do so?

You can purchase FLYNN merchandise using your own credit card.


If you have other questions not listed here, contact Vijai Baichan or Rocky Singh.